About Teresa Lawrence

When I was little, I always seemed to be drawing…sometimes, I would write too. My teachers would always want to read my stories to the class, which was fine until I was a teenager, then it was just embarrassing. The adults around me were always telling me how clever I was at drawing and writing, especially drawing. Naturally,  I loved hearing this so I kept doing it. But it wasn’t just the praise that kept me going, I had the feeling that I’d been given something special and I wanted to do something with it.

Younger Writer Me

Younger writer me…

After a short, bumpy career as a copywriter in advertising, I returned to uni to study Textile Design at RMIT, trying to be practical . Here I found that I just preferred the drawing to the textile designing and didn’t complete the degree. Not long after leaving RMIT, my daughter Tess was born. When she was still a baby (she’s now 27!) I did a short course in illustration. Then I put together a folio of drawings and got lots of inspiration from the books I read to her. In time, I went for an interview at a publishing house as the Art Director’s Assistant. I didn’t get the job but I made it onto the list of freelancers, which led to my first book.

That book was called Rosie’s House. It was about a boy who built a new house for his guinea pig, Rosie. The cover’s on the My Books page.

I’ve since illustrated nearly 100 children’s books – lots of educational titles and a few picture books – the covers of some I’ve posted here on the My Books page. Between textile design and all the books I illustrated, I’ve done lots more study. I now have an Arts Degree, a Diploma of Visual Culture and a teaching qualification too.

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