About Teresa Lawrence

When I was little, I always seemed to be drawing…sometimes, I would write too. My teachers asked me if they could read my stories to the class, which was fine until I was a teenager, then it was just embarrassing. Adults often told me how clever I was at drawing too. That praise was very motivational! But it wasn’t just the praise, I had the sense that I’d been given something special and I wanted to do something with it.

Younger Writer Me

Younger writer me…

After a short career as an advertising copywriter, I embarked on some study at RMIT in Textile Design – a practical decision I thought at the time. Here I found that I just preferred drawing to the textile designing. Not long after that, my daughter was born. While she was still a baby, I did a short course in illustration. I soon put together a folio of drawings and got lots of inspiration from the books I read to her. In time, I went for an interview to work in a publishing house. That interview led to my first book. It was called Rosie’s House and it’s cover is featured here.

I’ve since illustrated many children’s books – some of their covers are posted here on the My Books page. I have done much more study since my RMIT days, including and Arts Degree and a Diploma of Visual Arts. That study and my life so far culminates in the artwork and writing featured here.