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I’m not a very good drawer but…

It’s really sad when kids say, I’m not a good drawer. I always think, You’re just a kid, how come you’ve given up so early?But the other day, one of my little printmakers said.

“I’m not a good drawer, but I’m really good at this!” and my heart sang.

That’s the wonderful thing about printmaking. It’s a true medium. It takes your drawing, no matter how mundane and imbues it with something that makes it art. One of my printmaking teachers was always telling us that SHE was a terrible drawer and she’s still a professional artist. She taught us to get images and pictures from everywhere, that it doesn’t matter; trace, photocopy, collage, draw, whatever it takes to make the work.

And that’s what my little printmakers have been doing. They find their reference, we adjust the size on the photocopier and trace, rearrange or draw freehand. Then, there’s the carving to be done. That’s when their own hand gives the work its character. Of course, inking up the block is always a surprise, but the print is the best part leaving the printmaker to sometimes wonder….

“How did I do that?”

Above is a sampling of just a few of the beautiful pieces the children have been producing.