An Ambitious Project Aug18


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An Ambitious Project

An Ambitions ProjectEarlier this year, an acquaintance of mine who is a teacher casually commented that this was an ‘ambitious project’ I had got myself involved in. Frankly, this reaction scared the hell out of me. I believed her vague skepticism that I had perhaps bitten off way more than I could chew. And, well,  it wasn’t ME completing the work, it was the children who had to do it all. I was just their facilitator.

But now, nearly at the end of this 20 day project, the children have indeed, completed every single thing that was required of them.

And look at what they have made! These are just two examples of Artist’s Books from these now seasoned printmakers. That’s right, they are Artist’s Books. I know they don’t look like books, they look like a bridge and the Eiffel Tower right? But that’s what an Artist Book can be; it’s a reinterpretation of a print in 3D.

Our Book Week Exhibition opens next Monday night and the Mayor of Colac, Ms. Lyn Russell is going to open it for us. As well as the Artist’s Books, the actual books the children wrote and illustrated will also be on display. In addition to this, the exhibition will show each student’s best print in a beautiful frame.

Children can achieve amazing things given half the chance. And the grades 3 to 6 at Beeac Primary School have done just that. Congratulations Sarah, Tyson, Tara, Rebecca, Claudia, Mitchell, Vivienne, Kathryn, Stirling, Hendrick, Reece, Cassidy, Adam and Zach. Your enthusiasm for this work has greatly inspired and encouraged me. It has been a pleasure to be in your company these past months.